A Woman far Above Rubies


To be a virtuous woman;
As a sower sows seeds
She sifts her love and grace.
Her children behold her face;
Sweat drips down as she kneads.
Scarlet covers them in winter,
Her worth mirror's the vibrant stressed;
The scarlet fabric echos wisdom
She speaks to family in the kingdom.
Her husband and children call her blessed.
The poor and needy have a friend in her;
In strength she has spent starry night
Tending to home and land,
Not descending her loving hands.
She's loved by weak and might.
This virtuous woman loves the Lord.
Honor as steel lines her brow,
Her smile is that of purest love.
As a royal she holds purple glove,
Whom her Father in Heaven has endowed.

Proverbs 31: 10-31

-Diyana Love, 사랑-


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