Living Water


Can you imagine if the world were anew
The weather be arid, the greenery parched?
I assume we’d grow cold of clouds if they arched
As if to pour down the rain, letting heaven in view.
In order to eat, preservation would be keen.
Most of diet would be meat and plenty of starch.

Our souls just as heavy as the sand on our feet,
We may wonder where to turn for fresh water.
A father would turn to his son or daughter,
And plead for relief or replete.
Yet, I know that in such harsh circumstance
A God of love would provide LIVING water.

A refreshment so clean, radiant, and pure
It would never grow stale or dry!
This living water is given by He, the Utmost High,
The Son of God, our very own Savior.
He died for you and every victim,
His name is Jesus Christ.

So when you feel parched as if in a desert
And the dunes seem to not end at all,
I implore you to seek out that vibrant well!
You will not seek long, for He is not covert.
You’re eldest brother, the Great Messiah
Is prepared to aid your desperate call.

-Diyana Love, 사랑-


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