side thought


Outside looking in.
An opinion I’m likley
to face; I’ve thought long
and hard how I want this to go.
Even space plays a part.

Outside looking down.
There are holes within each soul.
They yearn to be filled;
There are questions we all want solved.
I know God plays a part.

Whether I’m a know it all,
Or a want to know it all;
my opinion is that I,
although educated,
know nothing at all. And I,
I want these questions solved.

Where am I going?
How will I live my life
With direction–not just imploring?
Wandering and afraid.
Why am I so young and so afraid?

How did I get here?
Where did I come from?
Where will my passion take me?
How can I make a difference?
I shall write these down and someday
It will be made known to me!

My quest in this life blends
so deeply with the world I am in
And my true identity

-Diyana Love, 사랑-


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