Do You Think of Me?


Why is it so heartbreaking to be lonely?
I ponder whilst upholstery
Meets with me in a bus seat
On my way to buy laundry
Detergent. The kind my sister uses.

And it occurs to me,
(As it does at these worst times)
That it hurts having no one.
It hurts having had someone,
And intentionally pushing them away.

I've pushed a lot of people away.
But I did want them to stay,
Just, not stay and look at me
The way I look at myself.

So, now I'm lonely.
And I like it this way at times.
When a new show consumes
My nights and music fills
My days- I'm lonely but
Not completely alone.
I have my shows to see
And music to listen to.
And I'm whole for the time being

Diyana Love

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