About Me


“When I was in preschool, I found out that I wasn’t white. During Culture Week, my teacher kindly pointed out that for Asian Day we would eat my favorite meal- rice. That conversation with my parents was very eye-opening, let me tell you.
From that moment on, I realized how different I was. Culture was different, values were different, priorities were different. I felt like an alien in my own hometown. The contrast between the world in my home vs. the world outside was so palpable you could almost physically feel it.

I would argue that the same palpable separation I felt between my culture and my friend’s cultures, affects everyone at any time over anything. We’re all a little different.
But when the world shrunk during the pandemic, I finally found people like me. I didn’t realize how alone I felt until I “met” my people.

I want to be your people. I want to meet you in the middle even if we come from different backgrounds or have different beliefs. Every word I write is a piece of me, so if you connect with my words in any way, just know that you aren’t alone and that you NEVER HAVE BEEN.

All the love,

Diyana Love